Bradley Bowman

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Bradley Bowman

FL License: 3369565



It all started when…

Being stationed in Hawaii as a Marine, my appreciation for living close to the ocean was tremendous.  My wife Krista was raised in Niceville and she first brought me to the Emerald Coast for her High School Reunion.  It was an instant connection to the area and we decided to move our family to Fort Walton Beach to be by her parents and get back to the water.  We love the area, the people and the lifestyle that living on the water represents.  With myself being prior military and my wife being raised in a military family, we feel a strong connection to the area and all of the service men and women, actively serving our country and retired from the armed forces.  Being able to go fishing, go to the beach, or watch our military aircraft on a daily basis has been a great experience for us and our family.  The lifestyle that living on the Emerald Coast affords is is great, and we know that anyone who lives it is Livin Right.