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Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is a beautiful vision that blends French, West Indies, Low Country, and Dutch architectural styles seamlessly to create a unique and vibrant coastal community. Rosemary Beach is located at the far east extremity of the 30A corridor separated from the masses of Panama City Beach by a beautiful dune lake and situated next to Seacrest Beach and Alys Beach on the Westt. Rosemary is well-known for its great restaurants, the Pearl Boutique Hotel, dutch styled downtown, and unique homes with big porches, gas lamps, and lots of relaxation in the green spaces.

Rosemary Beach is a high end vacation and second home destination with a few primary residents and business owners as well. It’s shops and restaurants hold up to the expectations and feature a fun blend of art galleries, designer wear, and delightful culinary experiences. 

Must See: Pescado Rooftop Bar and Scenic Grill for sunsets and cocktails

Favorite Restaurants: Summer Kitchen, Amavida Coffee, Pesacado & Havana Beach

Shops: Pish Posh Patchouli’s (bath & body), The Hidden Lantern (bookstore), and Curate Art Gallery 

Alys Beach aptly describes itself as “where the grandeur of nature and man-made excellence meet to create something only the most creative and inspired minds could imagine.” This photographer’s paradise paints the common color of white with dark wood accents to seamlessly blend carribean, modern, moorish, and other architectural styles into an unbelievably unique community. If you’re looking for a break from reality and need a place to regroup, refresh, and gain some inspiration; then it is hard to believe that there could be a better place than wandering the streets of Alys Beach or enjoying moments of solace in it’s many parks and nature trails. This is an ulta-luxe destination in which to own property or stay on vacation, but it’s streets, restaurants and events can be enjoyed by all. 

Must See: Digital Graffiti. This once a year event brings digital art to life on a grand scale on the white walls of Alys Beach’s quaint town. The artists make these buildings move and glow in ways that will blow your mind, and then finish it off with the after party at the plush Caliza Pool to see how the ultra rich live. 

Restaurants: Neat Bottle Shop and Tasting Room, George’s, Piper’s Kitchen, Raw & Juicy, Caliza Restaurant, Charlie’s Donut Truck

Shops: Mast, Alys Shoppe, Alys Beach Bike Shop

Alys Beach Entrance